4 Factors That Affect Website Speed

4 Factors That Affect Website Speed

Is your website speed letting you down?

Your graphics are stellar. Your content is decent. You offer some quality products or services. You did the background research on your target market. So, what is going wrong? Could your page loading time be to blame? Research found that nearly half of web users expect a website to load within two seconds or less. Anything more than three seconds and the user is likely to click off the site. This may not sound like a big deal, but users say that they often don’t visit the page again. This is where a web development and design team can come in handy. As a business, you should know the top factors that impact website speed and what you can do about them.

Connection Speed

As you may have guessed, the type of internet connection the user has will directly affect the speed at which any website loads. If a user visits your page on a dial-up connection, no matter how well you’ve optimized the site, it’s just going to take longer to load. DSL offers a quicker connection than dial-up, but nothing can quite beat a fiber optic connection.


Your web hosting company and the server it chooses to place your website on can have a major impact on the speed at which your website loads. If there aren’t enough resources on the server, it will slow things down for everyone. Although shared hosting is an economical choice for many small websites, it is not the best solution for all. Reliable hosting can help to improve your website’s speed.

File Types and Sizes

Typically, the larger your file sizes are and the more files you have to load on a page, the longer it will take to load in the browser. The best way to tackle this issue if you want to keep your files is to optimize them as much as possible. You can minify your code and optimize image formats to keep your files as lean as possible.


Having too many plugins on your website or not updating them often can dramatically slow down your load time. New updates for plugins are always occurring, so it’s important that you keep on top of your website and update plugins when necessary.

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