Blog imagery makes all the difference! Here’s why.

Blog imagery makes all the difference! Here’s why.


Are you blogging on a regular basis on your website, or maybe even with us here at Stratosphere?

Here’s a helpful trick to start incorporating, if you aren’t already:

 Include images with your posts as they make for a more appealing article!

 Here’s some of the benefits of including imagery in your blog posts:

 1.       The Internet is a very Visual Place.

Woman hand reaching images streaming from the deep.

 The internet is a very interactive venue, holding an assortment of methods and ways for people to not only communicate, but convey their messages. Keeping that in mind, heavily text laden materials tend not to be as read as often as an article that includes imagery. Instead, break up your material with an eye pleasing image that is related to the article to draw in the viewer’s interest.

 2.       Photos & Search Engines are in a Relationship.


 Sure, photos on your blog make everything more eye pleasing, but the benefits lie deeper. Photos have the ability to be key worded and optimized for search with title tags and meta-information. Optimize your photos with relevant tags to increase your chances of your blog being read online. Properly keyworded photos assist search engines in defining what your content is about. When you properly assist them, you are rewarded!

 3.       Support your Point.

Think creative

 Include relevant graphs and charts to support your ideas and points. Photos can assist you in conveying the message you are trying to spread to your audience.

 Don’t currently have photos through your Stratosphere blog? Contact us today!

We have access to millions of the world’s best photos at our fingertips and can optimize every single one we place on your blog for search. We have very affordable packages ($20-$40/month) to include this as an add-on service to what we are already providing!

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