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Capturing a Millennial Audience

Recently at Stratosphere Marketing, we have begun focusing our research on the millennial consumer. In a study done by Elite Daily, “the premier online news platform for and by Millennials,” they targeted and surveyed over 1,300 readers on consumer related topics. After browsing a few articles we found a list of “common trends” and facts we find interesting:

  • Millennials in America represent about 1/4 of the entire population.Millenials word cloud
  • Companies across all industries have struggled to connect with the younger generation due to traditional advertising being “ineffective.”
  • The economy has had a huge impact on millennials – with an overload of student loan debt and many unemployed recent college grads – most would rather buy a car than lease a house. Isn’t it usually the other way around?
  • Gen Y makes purchases based off of blogs. Whether it is a fashion blogger or video game blogger, millennials look to mirror their peers and idols, and blogs are the most authentic way to depict this.
  • Social media engagement is key when companies are looking for loyal followers. If you are a business owner, Internet manager or just a page admin… reply to your consumer!
  • 87% of millennials use more than two devices, such as smartphone and tablets.

It’s important for all businesses to have web presence, and almost more importantly, social media presence. We understand this takes time, however that’s what Stratosphere is for – we do it for you! If you’d like to accelerate your local online presence and visibility, let us help you with our new Social package. With Social, we will build out and post to all your social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter & Linkedin), create local content to increase engagement, set up Local Campaign Management to increase your followers, and will provide progress and analytics.

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