Boost Energy at the Office

Get Over the Hump! Ways We Boost Energy at the Office

In a work slump? Use these tips to boost energy at the office so you can make it to the weekend with oomph to spare. 

Happy hump day! Or is it? If the mid-week grind has got you feeling worn down, we want to help. Here are just a few of the ways our Stratosphere team boosts energy at the office and keeps itself refreshed through the week.

flowersFreshen up with flowers.

Adding flowers (or succulents if you’re looking for something less feminine) to your desk can help liven it up – literally. With something green and living to look at, you’ll feel less trapped at your desk and more inspired to grow, just like your office plant.


donutDig into a donut (or something healthier, even).

Looking for a pick me up? Your body’s telling you it needs more fuel. We’re personal fans of donuts here at Stratosphere, but if we had more self-discipline we’d probably choose better options like fruit, nuts, and string cheese to boost our energy.


pongPing some pong.

A quick session of ping pong, using your hand-eye coordination and getting your blood moving, is a great way to reenergize. If your boss isn’t gung-ho for a ping pong table in the middle of the office, a little foosball table (we got ours at Target) is a more compact gaming option.


walkWalk this way.

Instead of slumping around the conference table, why not hold a walking meeting? The fresh air can help your team come up with fresh ideas, and gives you all a break from being bound to your desks.


The whole reason we build in fun at the office is so that we can come back to our desks with fresh energy and ideas to best serve our digital marketing and web design clients! If you want to ensure your business is well-represented in the digital age, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California.

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