Combat the upcoming Linkedin Company Page changes!

Combat the upcoming Linkedin Company Page changes!

On April 14th, Linkedin will be making a couple changes to their Company Pages that most likely will affect you should you own a business and have a page set up (If you don’t have one set up, you SHOULD talk to us ASAP!)

In the past, companies (including ourselves) were able to add details regarding their products and service offerings in on the service tab portion of the site, as seen below:

Coming changes to the products and services section

 After April 14th though, only companies that are “grandfathered” in with information regarding their product and service offerings will be able to keep it, and edit the information as they wish (however they will be limited to adding new information.)

Linkedin has suggested a couple of alternatives to combat this change, with one of them being content updates.

Content updates on LinkedIn hold the same concept as Facebook news feed does, however posts are seen by the professional and business world.

These updates can be insightful graphics you’ve come across, news articles, etc. that you would like to display to your connections. These pieces of information are your opportunity to reinforce your product and service offerings. LinkedIn has placed a lot more emphasis on content marketing on the platform because of this change.

To make these updates even better though, how cool would it be if the information and updates you posted lead people back to your website instead of other peoples?  Pretty cool right? People could click on an article you have posted to read more and it redirects them back to your website where they have the opportunity to click through your website, learn more about you, look up your direct contact information, etc.

Even better, what if you didn’t have to write any of the updates and someone did it all for you? Contact us! We know social media like the back of our hands and can help you get lined out for not only the upcoming changes to Linkedin, but every social media platform.

Happy Wednesday!

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