Common Blogging Myths That Can Hinder Inbound Leads

Common Blogging Myths That Can Hinder Inbound Leads

Be Aware of These Common Blogging Myths

Myths don’t just exist about the Loch Ness Monster or Santa Clause – they’re also quite common in the blogging world. These misconceptions about blogging mean that many companies don’t know that they are myths. The central idea that blogs are a great way of encouraging inbound leads is sound, but the ways in which we’re told to go about it aren’t always fully formed. Here is an overview of just some of the blogging myths we’ve heard that could hinder your inbound lead success, and tips for a more effective approach.

  • “Aim for a wide readership.”

Sure, you want to make sure your blogs appeal to a wide audience, but a large readership for a blog shouldn’t be the ultimate goal of a professional marketer. Wide readerships are great for individual bloggers that rely on advertising revenue, but when you’re looking to promote your business and land clients, you want to make sure that visitors to your page are valuable. In order words, it’s more important to engage a small number of people who are ready to buy and to gather leads through subscribers and regular visitors.

  • “The more blogs, the better.”

Although it does take a dedicated effort to see returns with a blog, that doesn’t mean that more is necessarily better. A large and scattered blog can make it hard for the visitor to see who you’re targeting and what content you regularly provide. What’s more, if a visitor sees that you cover a wide variety of topics that aren’t relevant to them, they may feel less inclined to subscribe to your blog. In general, it’s better to create quality content over quantity.

  • “Blogging isn’t a skill.”

Blogging is a real skill. It requires writing skills, creative ideas, social media knowledge, and more. You may not feel comfortable doing this important marketing task or have the time to dedicate to regular blog generation. If this is the case, consider hiring an outside team that can do the heavy lifting for you.

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