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Web Wednesday: 3 Exciting Custom Websites for Health Industry Clients

These three custom websites for health industry clients show how we can help you help others. 

We love helping people; we got into digital marketing to help people grow their businesses with the support of an expert marketing team. So we especially love helping people who help other people! Here are a few custom websites for health industry professionals. We were proud to build them and help these fantastic businesses extend their positive impact!




Barre workouts are rising in popularity, but CenterBarre is a cut above the rest. Their unique exercises help people center their bodies and minds in a safe environment where people are supported to achieve their fitness goals. That’s a lot to get across in a website, but we did it! Welcoming colors, conversational verbiage, and an open flowing layout help this website reflect CenterBarre itself.


Physicians Risk Associates Insurance Agency


Professionals in the medical field work hard to protect us from illness and injury. But who protects them? The dedicated team at PRA Insurance Agency, that’s who! PRA needed a site that conveyed both their deep expertise in the medical industry and their dedication to the relationships they build with their clients. Blending professionalism and warmth, their website design conveys the sense of trust and assurance they aim to extend to all of their clients.


Dr. Nancy Irwin


All too often, people are wary – or even afraid – of hypnosis. So when Dr. Nancy Irwin came to us for a new website, we knew we needed to make sure her clinical background shone through. And shine it does! With crisp, engaging imagery at the top of the home page leading to links to her past appearances, Dr. Irwin’s new website speaks volumes about her authority.


In the same way these clients are focusing on keeping people healthy, we’re focusing on keeping their online presences in great shape. Contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California to learn more about how our custom websites and digital marketing services can help your business drive success in 2016!

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