Why is Facebook blue?

Why is Facebook blue?

Interesting question that you may never have thought of, right? Well here’s some fun facts for your Monday..

Answer: Surprisingly, Facebook’s CEO & Cofounder, Mark Zuckerberg, is red-green colorblind and blue is the one color he is able to easily identify; thus the conception of Facebook’s branding and color scheme in Zuckerberg’s development of the social media platform its early days.

Although Facebook’s iconic color scheme and branding catered to Zuckerberg’s vision at the time, what he may not have known is that behind the color blue lies a marketing psychology that dives much deeper than one might think.

Over the years many studies have been conducted between color pallets and people to identify correlations between different hues and human emotion. Zuckerberg’s choice of blue, (interestingly enough,) may stand to some as a sign of trust, dependability, and strength also found in some of America’s top brands, including (but certainly not limited to) Dell, HP, Oral-B, Oreo, American Express website provider, Word Press (along with a huge list of others!)

What does the color of your logo say about you?


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