Make a Bad Review Work For You!

Make a Bad Review Work For You!


Bad reviews can be devastating to your business. But, did you know that you can turn one bad review into a life-long customer? Properly responding to complaints and bad reviews gives you the chance to personally connect with an unhappy customer, allowing you to solve whatever issue the customer had.

When responding to a bad review, make sure to do so quickly and positively. While it can be easy to let your emotions drive the conversation, take a step back and work on solving the problem. Dealing with a complaint in the right way can help to create a loyal customer who has a completely different outlook of your business. When responding to a complaint, there are some guidelines to follow, including:

  • Never send a template response – it will seem insincere and cold.
  • Consider the length of your response – while a long response may have good information, it can work against your overall goal.
  • Don’t make an excuse for why the problem occurred – be straightforward and claim responsibility while coming up with a solution.
  • Always thank the customer – be considerate of the time they took to share their experience.

Managing your reputation is an essential part of running a business. To find out how you can keep your reputation where it should be, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions today!

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