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Reasons Your Business Needs a Facebook Page, Not a Profile

Are you using a personal Profile as a Business Page?

How do you know?

If someone has to “Request to be your friend,” then it is a Profile. A Business Page is a public profile used to represent a business, brand, cause or organization.

Here are some very convincing reasons to establish a Facebook Business Page or convert your current Profile:

  • The #1 Reason: It is against Facebook’s User Agreement to use a personal Profile to represent something other than yourself (your business). In turn, Facebook can restrict access and shut down your account.
  • Separate You From Your Business – It’s great your dog looked cute after his bath this weekend, but that’s not valuable information that potential or existing clients need to see on their timeline.
  • Interaction – On this page you are able to share content, news, or updates relating to your business and area. Followers are able to ‘like, share, comment or message’ on any of your posts with you having the ability to engage with a reply back!
  • Direct Traffic to Your Website – Have a blog? Syndicate it! Blogs can help drive traffic back to your site through clicking on the link.
  • Brand Reputation -“Likes & Reviews” help to build brand authority for potential clients looking at your page.
  • Target Your Audience – Facebook campaigns and ads allow you to target certain cities and interests to your desired clients.
  • Analytics – Facebook has an “Insights” feature which allows you to track which posts are getting the most engagement, at what times of the day and more.

Social media presence is a strong and inexpensive way to stay connected and build a following. Stratosphere’s new Social service can help customize and establish a Business Page for you and your valuable clientele! Contact us today for more information!




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