SEO or PPC: Where Should You Invest?

SEO or PPC: Where Should You Invest?

SEO or PPC? Organic results or paid advertising? Determine which digital marketing strategy is better for your business.

The SEO vs. PPC battle has raged as long as there have been search engines. These two digital marketing strategies create different results and have their own unique set of challenges. It’s understandable that businesses want to select the right approach and make sure the time and money they’re putting in will bring a large volume of high-quality traffic to the business, ready to convert. So, which should your company choose?


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of making a website achieve high rankings organically on search engine results pages for given keywords. It is relatively affordable and a significantly longer-term solution. The downside to this process is the time taken – Rome wasn’t built in a day, after all. SEO is a slow burner – it can take time to hit the high spots and start seeing a significant return on your investment. However, if you have a good dose of patience, the work you do now will last for one, two, or even five years.


Pay Per Click (PPC) requires an advertiser to bid on keywords associated with an advertisement to obtain higher positions in the search engine results pages for searches on that keyword. These links appear above or below organic listings with the green ‘ad’ text. PPC wins many fans for its speed, ease of reporting, and directly attributable ROI. Businesses can instantly see which keywords are bringing in clients and can quit under-performing keywords in a matter of moments. Even though Google likes to throw in a few curve balls now and again to mix things up with organic listings, it is easier to maintain a top ad ranking spot long term.

The sole drawback to PPC is the ongoing cost involved. It’s worth noting that even with an unlimited pay per click budget, running a paid search runs the risk of missing out on a significant portion of traffic simply due to users preferring to click on organic listings.

It’s no secret that SEO is a more sustainable long-term strategy, but it can take a long time before results are achieved. A PPC tactic can help to offset limited SEO results at the early stages of an SEO campaign as well as other benefits!

In short, there is no one right way to spend your online marketing budget, but both of these methods can deliver excellent results. Combined, they may be your business’s solution.

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