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Social Media: Is it a numbers game?

engaging on Facebook We want to ask you something.

Is it better to have 100,000 followers on your Facebook profile, or say, 100?

Let’s take it a step further.

Is it better to have 100,000 followers on social media that rarely interact with you, OR 100 that regularly engage with you?

While many might be after the 100,000 followers because of how it “looks,” the obvious answer to us here at Stratosphere (without a doubt) is 100 people that regularly engage with you on your social profiles liking, sharing, and most importantly reading the material you are posting on a regular basis.

Why? Because these 100 people are the people that truly care about the messaging you are putting out there, and the people that are most likely to absorb and remember what you are posting on a regular basis since they are consistently engaging with you.

What it truly comes down to is the most basic principle of marketing: Know your target audience, and tailor your messaging toward them. If you have followers that are engaging with you on your profiles and most importantly interested in your messaging, you have found your target. Even if it’s only 100 followers, audience counts and fan following is a result of good content, not the goal.

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