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The Scoop on Why You Need a Mobile Responsive Website

Make the move to a mobile responsive website.

How many of you are constantly glued to your phones? That’s what we thought; this tech era has left flip phones and outdated websites in its wake, welcoming in apps, mobile responsive websites, and new digital marketing methods. While you, as a business owner, may be convinced that your marketing is on point, have you considered your web page? If you don’t have a mobile responsive website, you could be missing out on a lot of business.

When websites aren’t mobile-friendly, they not only cause a headache for users to scroll in and on, but it means that the business loses potential clients. A responsive website is critical to your marketing – here’s why!

Accessibility. The website is the core of your online presence, therefore, if a user finds your site difficult to navigate on their phone, they’re likely not to spend time trying to figure it out. By making your webpage easier to use on cellphones, tablets, and laptops, you’re essentially allowing your webpage to be visible by all who visit it – without any hassle!

Time. Time is of the essence, right? The recommended time that the content above the fold on a mobile device should load is under one second, while the entire page should load in under two seconds. When a user has to wait too long for a page to load, there’s an extremely high chance that they’ll leave your site.

SEO. Believe it or not, but Google prefers responsive web design over mobile templates. Having one single URL makes it easier for Google to crawl your site, allowing it to rank higher and perform better.

While you’re at it, take a look at your website? Does it need an upgrade on design, content, and mobile responsiveness? That’s why our team of web designers and developers is here. If you want a website that’s in keeping with the latest trends, including mobile response, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California.

Digital Marketing SEO Violations

Digital Marketing No-Nos: SEO Violations That Can Kill Your Rankings

When you’re perfecting your digital marketing skills, know what SEO mistakes to avoid.

Business owners, even though you may have only just wrapped your head around the digital marketing basics, it’s time to learn which SEO strategies hurt your rankings. It’s a full-time job to make sure your SEO isn’t hindering your website rankings! Certain SEO violations can damage your site’s organic visibility and make it harder for you to appear in search results.

Check out the following digital marketing SEO no-nos:

Keyword Stuffing

Have you ever heard that too much of a good thing can be bad for you? Well, this certainly applies to SEO keywords! Don’t be too greedy. Previously, people used keyword stuffing as a way to rank their page for multiple keywords in search engines. Fortunately, Google is smarter now – they’ve updated their spam algorithm to drop rankings for pages that keyword stuff.

Low-Quality Content

Having low-quality content on your site can damage your SEO because Google and other search engines are looking for pages with relevant information. If you duplicate content from another site or web page or post thin content, it’s not considered as valuable to searchers!

Neglecting Social Media

Social media is more powerful than many people realize; some business owners don’t take it seriously because they think of teens and meaningless posts. Contrary to popular belief, social network sites can generate a lot of business for your organization! While social signals are not currently a factor in ranking websites, content that is posted to social channels tends to have an edge in search rankings.

Keep your website at the top of its game (and the top of the search results page!). Let the professionals take the lead to get your website and SEO rankings up to scratch. To learn more about how digital marketing can help you extend your network and get more business, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California.

Blog Writing Tips

Blog Writing Tips Anybody Can Use

If you’re having trouble writing for your blog, use these easy tips.

Blogging isn’t easy. It requires time, thought, and good writing. Even if you can find the hours in the day and mental energy to sit down at the computer and write a blog, putting together an engaging piece can be a challenge. The good news? You can use these blog writing tips to craft better blogs that earn you better engagement.

  • Ask questions. Do you want people to actually read your blogs? Are you hoping to inspire them to some sort of action (like calling your business)? You probably answered yes to those questions, so you’re reading this sentence. Start your blog by asking questions that your readers will answer with an emphatic, “Yes!” That way, you get engagement from the get-go and set them up to agree with the rest of your blog.
  • Use second person. We’re self-centered by nature. So when you use second person (e.g. you, your, yours), people feel like you’re focusing on them – and they like it. Using second person makes it easier for your audience to engage.
  • Make it easy. In our information-saturated age, people like bite-sized bits. Use bullets, bolded words, and regular paragraph breaks (see what we did here?) to make reading through your content feel manageable to your readers who want to be able to skim it in 5 seconds.

Are you tired of writing your own blogs? Or running out of time to do it? Or even not doing it at all?! To have 100% original, expert-level blogs written just for your business, contact Stratosphere Marketing Solutions in Westlake Village, California. As digital marketing experts, we can take over your blogging – ensuring you have a carefully crafted blog each week to drive online engagement and search engine ranking improvement. To learn more about the blog packages we offer, SEO-focused blogging, or any of our digital marketing services, call us today!


What To Expect From The New Facebook Mobile Layout

When people want to find out more about you, they typically head straight to your Facebook page, not your Twitter or website. To help you make the best first impression possible, Facebook recently unveiled new features, including a new layout and moving avatars, helping your profile become more engaging on mobile platforms.

Via Facebook.

Via Facebook.

The new profile videos are short video clips that can be up to 7 seconds and play in a loop when someone visits your profile. The videos can be shot with your mobile device and help to make your profile more interactive and less static. The profile videos were added to address the increasing number of videos that Facebook users were creating and posting to their profiles.

The new motion avatar is not the only change that Facebook is making. A refreshed layout is also coming to your mobile device, putting the profile video or picture in the center of your profile, instead of off to the left, and enlarging the picture to make it easier to see. A new customizable space has also been added the top of profiles that allow users to put whatever information they want to let visitors to their profile get to know them a little better. Users can add various content to this new portion, including a one-line bio, work and education information, and so on.

For more information on the new mobile Facebook update and how it can add to your social media marketing, contact Stratosphere today!

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