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Three Reasons Brands Should Rethink Their Social Media Strategy for 2020

Take a step back and reassess your approach to social media.


We all know that social media marketing is fundamental in creating, boosting, and building a business. Although social media users to continue to grow by the billions, this past year marks the first year since the creation of social media that we’ve seen stagnant growth in user adoption. For so many brands that rely on social media marketing to reach their customers, before the new year is a good time to step back and reassess your approach to social media. Here’s why.


Social media platforms attract different demographics.

There are a few main social media platforms that businesses like to use, including Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest. Each attracts different demographics of users. For example, Snapchat is almost entirely made up of users under the age of 34, Pinterest attracts more women than men, and LinkedIn is more popular with people who have higher education. With this in mind, it’s important to focus on platforms your target audience uses rather than trying to reach customers across every network.


People trust search engines more than they trust social media.

Consumer trust in search engines is much higher than in social media sites. With features such as Google Posts and Follow, brands could be expanding their social media strategy to Google. This increased sense of trust makes it ideal to reach more potential consumers, even ones who aren’t necessarily searching for them.


Consumers want local social media.

National social media strategies are not always designed to retain local customers. It’s not easy to comment on or promote in-store promotions for location-specific customer service issues if you only have one social account for hundreds of locations. Having a local brand social media page allows customers to engage on a more personal level.


We can’t always predict what will happen in the world of social media, but we can be prepared for change and adapt so that business marketing strategies don’t fall behind. Ready to look ahead to 2020? Check out future digital marketing trends we expect to see.


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