Tips for Creating a Rockstar LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn has become an important networking tool in the business world. There is no reason for you to miss out! We’ve gathered some tips together that will guide you in creating a rockstar LinkedIn profile!

  1. The basics. First things first- make sure all required information of your profile is filled out.
  2. Get noticed! Adding your industry to your profile along with including keywords will help the chances of you being found in searches.
  3. Content is king. Publishing content is an ideal way to make sure you are getting noticed on your LinkedIn network. Even better- publish blogs that lead connections back to your website!
  4. Groups. Join groups that speak to you and your industry. These groups will be visible on your profile and will give other connections a sense of your interests.
  5. Volunteer experience & causes. Involved in a charity? Great! Volunteering can be just as valuable as work experience.
  6. Connections. Constantly widening your network of connections will ensure that more people are seeing your updates. You never know where a connection could lead- maybe a new client!

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