What To Expect From The New Facebook Mobile Layout

When people want to find out more about you, they typically head straight to your Facebook page, not your Twitter or website. To help you make the best first impression possible, Facebook recently unveiled new features, including a new layout and moving avatars, helping your profile become more engaging on mobile platforms.

Via Facebook.

Via Facebook.

The new profile videos are short video clips that can be up to 7 seconds and play in a loop when someone visits your profile. The videos can be shot with your mobile device and help to make your profile more interactive and less static. The profile videos were added to address the increasing number of videos that Facebook users were creating and posting to their profiles.

The new motion avatar is not the only change that Facebook is making. A refreshed layout is also coming to your mobile device, putting the profile video or picture in the center of your profile, instead of off to the left, and enlarging the picture to make it easier to see. A new customizable space has also been added the top of profiles that allow users to put whatever information they want to let visitors to their profile get to know them a little better. Users can add various content to this new portion, including a one-line bio, work and education information, and so on.

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