Does Yelp’s Public Service Announcement today affect you?

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If you haven’t already received it, Yelp sent out a public service announcement this morning  warning of “reputation management companies” that claim to work with Yelp  to either alter, modify, or completely remove reviews on the platform to allow a better light to be shed on the party being represented (for a fee of course!)

Yelp has emphasized this morning that they do not, have never, nor ever will take part in association or partnership with any of these companies- and, consumer trust, as they know it, remains a top priority for the entity.

If you are currently in such a partnership with a ‘brand management’ company as discussed, or have been contacted by one, Yelp welcomes you to provide details to the situation to prevent these kinds of false misrepresentations from occurring in the future here.

Yelp also emphasizes in the announcement that the best strategy for reputation management is to:

1. Provide great customer service.

2. Respond diplomatically to your reviewers.

And us here at Stratosphere have to agree! Should you have additional questions regarding these
brand management” companies, we encourage you to contact Yelp directly regarding the issue through their contact form, found here.

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