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Supporting Sophia LeClaire at the 1st Annual Swinging for Blu Golf Classic Fundraiser

Stratosphere member Scautub Insurance Agency will be sponsoring an amazing event on Saturday, September 27th and we want to help spread the word!

The Scautub Agency is sponsoring the 1st Annual Swinging for Blu Golf Classic Fundraiser to help raise funds and show support for 22 month old Sophia LeClaire.  Sophia is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy and has been declared legally blind.  Due to her developmental disabilities, Sophia is limited in her ability to perform daily actions that most children her age are able to do, and she requires constant care and attention.

The Scautub Agency is sponsoring this event to help Sophia’s family raise the funds needed to support their daughter and provide her with the In Home Nursing Care she needs.

Stratosphere has members all over the country, and while this fundraiser will be taking place at the Briar Creek Golf Course in Princetown, New York, you can still show your support without attending.

All donations can be sent directly to Scautub Agency:

108 N. Ballston Avenue
Scotia, New York 12302

For more information regarding this event, click here.

We thank you for supporting this wonderful cause and are wishing the best for Sophia and the LeClaire family.

New York Golf Fundraiser to Support Sophia LeClaire

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